Just for Today – Personal Development – Look Inside

by Joy Sloan on March 10, 2011

Just for Today – Personal Development – Look Inside

Its YOU just YOU

YOU are the major key to your future success. Nothing that happens around you is more significant or more important to your future than what is inside you. If you are going to make a major change in your future prospects the change must begin inside yourself. How the outside world affects you has more to do with your inside outlook than anything else. That is why personal development is the most critical part of your education.  The growth of YOU is the best fertilizer for your personal garden of life.

Personal Development – Changing YOU

Spend some time each day examining what’s inside. What makes you act or react the way that you do? Identify the changes you need to make and choose to make incremental changes each day. (That is what these Just For Today messages are all about.)

Incremental Changes for Your Personal Development   personal development

Here are three changes that can be made incrementally and will go a long way to changing who you are. Each day, add one of the items on this list. Remember that you are going to continue doing these things daily, don’t just do them one day and then drop them for the new thing.

1.Begin your day in prayer or meditation. This is how you find out what is inside of you.

2. Add just 30 minutes of reading each day. You become what you read and who you spend time with. Choose wisely.

3. Decide to be positive. Your positive outlook will go a long way to bringing you to the success you desire.

4. Find an accountability partner. Changes can be difficult, find someone to be accountable to as you do these things.

Personal development is a continual process. There are many more changes you can make, I have presented just a few to get you started.

Check out my blog posts on personal development for other ideas leading to your internal improvement.

To YOUR Success,

P.S. What are you doing for your personal development. Please comment below.

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